Robin Roberts

Product Manager

Inform Diagnostics

Robin Roberts is Co-Host of HIT Like a Girl podcast and Broken Healthcare podcast and Vice President Operations at Chirpy Bird Health IT Consulting.

Health IT professional with a focus on innovation, government and quality program initiatives. Robust understanding of technology including API and interface solutions to implement and facilitate efficient end-to-end solutions. Passionate about the intersection of technology, clinical delivery, patient experience, operations, and outcomes. Follow her on twitter @rrobertsehealth

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Reshaping Healthcare for the Patient

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The Evolving Issues of Data Access

You’ve got a lot of people with a lot of great solutions, but they don’t know what the problem is that they’re solving, or they don’t understand it well enough to even get it to market. We see a lot of that.
Healthcare wasn’t designed, it just happened. Sometimes I feel like we keep putting bandaids on it. We built this, we made this, but it wasn’t designed for that. When our guests told us what they wish they could fix, it was all around interoperability. And I thought, the detailed technical framework for that to occur is enhanced, it’s well within your reach and you still won’t fix it. So I feel like that is like a cop out answer to bring to us.

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