Bob Rudin

Senior Information Scientist

RAND Corporation

Robert S. Rudin is a senior information scientist at the RAND Corporation. He conducts research on health information technology.

Rudin’s interests include how health IT can improve care, reduce costs, and engage patients between visits to their health care provider. He has conducted studies involving user needs assessment, health IT design and development, and evaluation. He uses quantitative and qualitative methods.

Prior to joining RAND, Rudin had internships at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and at the Center for IT Leadership at Partners Healthcare. He worked as a professional software engineer for several years.

Rudin completed a National Library of Medicine Fellowship and earned a Ph.D. in technology, management, and policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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The Complications of Digital Tools in Healthcare

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Building a Digital Foundation Before Expecting Health IT Results

Instead of reinventing the wheel, where everyone’s trying to look at their own health system to harmonize the data, if they could just harmonize it to a standard reference model, that’s pretty well defined, then that’s a lot easier than having all of them make up their own individually.

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