Solution Showcase – Pure Storage and Sectra PACS Partnership


Bill Russell / Mark Dobbs / Tom Pacenta

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August 5, 2020: Today we have access to a beautiful partnership. Pure Storage, a leading storage provider and Sectra, a best in class PACS solution. We talk about platforms, software defined and non-disruptive updates. Mark Dobbs and Tom Pacenta share insights on their successful collaboration, from joint company cultures of aggressively listening, to focusing on customer obsessions to future proofing products. Learn about ROI models that make sense and platforms you don’t have to continue to upgrade. Learn more about the single solution model that really works.

Key Points:

  • It all starts with the interface [00:06:15]
  • Physical hardware upgrades with NO downtime [00:07:35]
  • A storage company that actually gives customers back more storage? [00:08:25]
  • Good software that’s stable and reliable and performs [00:11:20]
  • Exciting new feature, an FDA approved digital pathology system [00:13:15]
  • UH Health case study [00:14:45]
  • University Hospitals case study [00:17:40] 
  • Customer support? That’s your best product. [00:21:10] 
  • A success business relationship is based on compatible business models  [00:22:35]