Podcast Consumption is Growing

Podcasts are Popular

144 million Americans have listened to a podcast *

Listeners are Loyal

40% of Americans 54 or younger listen to podcasts monthly *

Podcasts are Personal

64% of listeners say they have bought a product or service after hearing about it on a podcast **

Why Podcasts are Growing


Professionals want to engage with content on their terms. As more people are moving away from screens audio content is perfect for a mobile community.


Nurses, Doctors, Administrators and Front Line IT staff are looking for content that is relevant and valuable to their career.


What is more personal than whispering in someones ear. In fact when you want to quiet a crowd it is often more effective to whisper than to shout.


Podcasts are portable. You can take them with you, share them with a team and interact with the creators with social media.

Why Podcast Marketing Works


One step beyond permission marketing is trust based marketing. People choose This Week in Health IT to hear content that will support them in their work life.


There is no geographic boundary on a podcast. This is truly marketing that can take on a life of its own.

Cost Effective

Our highly engaged audience of decision makers are expensive to get in front of. Podcasts get you several minutes in their ear for far less investment.


Podcasts never die. They live on and on.

Why Sponsor?

  • Gain access to the executives and IT professionals that you are looking to connect with
  • Brand and solution awareness 
  • Amplify your message to the community
  • Expand your reach and network
  • Showcase your company, events, and services
  • Generate new leads

Learn More About the Benefits of Sponsorship

* The Podcast Consumer Jan 2019, Edison Research
** The Interactive Advertising Bureau