Supporting Care in the Home with Carina Edwards CEO of Quil


Bill Russell / Carina Edwards

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October 30, 2020: What does it look like to navigate a cool digital start up as a CEO during a pandemic? Carina Edwards joins us from Quil Health. Their joint venture with Comcast and IBC looks to grab a piece of the multibillion-dollar care at home industry. How do you accelerate the adoption of care at home solutions? What devices should you use? How do you make it simple and easy? How do you scale remote monitoring? Where does the funding come from? And more importantly how do you integrate it into the workflow of doctors and nurses?

Key Points:

    • The beauty of a digital health platform comes into play when the world changes overnight [00:04:30]
    • Where does the Business to Consumer funding come from? [00:10:10]
    • Ambient voice’s role in “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” [00:12:10]
    • What does it look like for a provider to partner with Quil Health on a solution? [00:13:50]
    • How do I look after my parents who live in a different city? [00:19:14]
    • The primary care physician was always the quarterback but in the home care model the nurse really is the quarterback [00:21:35]
    • Are health leaders engaging as much at the virtual health conferences as they were at the face-to-face? [00:23:20]