What Your CEO Shared at #JPMHC2020


Bill Russell

27 Health System CEO/CFO teams shared their accomplishments strategies and financials at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference.  I took notes just to share with you.  Hope you enjoy.

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What Your CEO Shared at #JPMHC2020.

Episode 176: Show Notes.

It’s time for another Tuesday Newsday and in today’s iteration, we will be doing a debrief of the last two years of J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conferences. This annual event is the largest and most informative healthcare investment symposium in the industry, bringing together industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, innovative technology creators, and members of the investment community. Joining this episode, you’ll hear the biggest themes and takeaways from this year’s presentations in the nonprofit track, along with a recap of the major ones from last year too. Unsurprisingly, there was a major carryover of many of last year’s themes: things like trust, partnerships, and efficiency. Some of the exciting new areas of discussion that have come to the fore in 2020 are topics like asset-light solutions, customer experience, and the ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ of healthcare that is making all of the old players rustle their feathers in a major way.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to the J.P. Morgan Conference: a healthcare symposium merging many fields.
  • Today’s agenda: to recap highlights from last year and this year’s J.P. Morgan presentations.
  • A rundown of the 27 healthcare institutions who did presentations at the conference.
  • 2019 presenters: mergers, traditional players, specialty providers, and innovators.
  • Two types of specialty players: the global player and the research player.
  • Themes from the 2019 conference: good financials, mergers, self-disruption, trust, and more.
  • Other themes from 2019: efficiency, social determinants, and partnerships.
  • Reasons for a theme overlap: issues typically move in 18 to 36-month cycles.
  • Why mergers as a theme did not carry through into 2020.
  • New themes from this year’s conference.
  • How the topic of risk, covered lives, and getting paid to keep people healthy cropped up a lot.
  • A welcome rise in conversations about how customer data is being used.
  • How mega hospitals are giving way to asset-light solutions like retail clinics.
  • A shift to prioritizing customer experience in healthcare which is still four years behind though.
  • Huge steps that are being taken in the category of expense management.
  • Other themes from this year: diversified revenue, and strong balance sheets.
  • The amazing developments in the field of applied genetics and gene therapy.
  • A mysterious force that is arriving in healthcare which is making current players readjust.


“The number one cause for personal bankruptcies is healthcare. Health system leaders are worried about this and they are trying to position the debate.” — @ThePatientsCIO [0:12:14]

“The mega-hospital is being dismantled brick by brick. This is not to say that they are going to go away but new big hospitals are only appropriate in certain use cases and certain strategic situations.” — @ThePatientsCIO  [0:17:06]

“I still think there are tens of millions, hundreds of millions, billions to be taken out of health IT and we still could provide a higher level of service than we provide today.” — @ThePatientsCIO  [0:19:48]

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