Field Report: Indiana University Health with CISO Mitch Parker


Mitch Parker

Indiana University Health This Week in Health IT
#ThisWeekinHealthIT Field Report with Mitch Parker, CISO at Indiana University Health. Security attacks are on the rise and Drex DeFord steps in to host this important conversation.
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Field Report: Indiana University Health with Mitch Parker, CISO.


Episode 224: Show Notes.


Today on This Week in Health IT, we hear from Mitch Parker, the Executive Director and CISO at Indiana University Health. The host for this show is Drex DeFord, and he catches up with Mitch about the current state of their health IT team and the obstacles they come up against in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Mitch shares what the most common IT threats are at present – including PPE scams — and how they are striking the balance between being responsive to the overwhelming needs of the healthcare system while keeping all the security processes intact. He also talks about the security challenges of telemedicine, how the compliance regulations for third-party applications might be adjusted, and describes how the crisis has accelerated the trend toward a heavier focus on outpatient care and home monitoring — a much more cost-effective model.   


Key Points From This Episode:


  • The most common health IT threats that are currently emerging from the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • Striking the balance between remaining responsive while keeping track of security and risk.
  • How Mitch and his team have been able to evaluate solutions in a much shorter timeframe.  
  • The security challenges experienced with telemedicine. 
  • A prediction about the compliance regulations that will be implemented for third-party apps. 
  • The difficulty of getting a large workforce working from home in two weeks. 
  • How the crisis has accelerated the trend of monitoring more patients from home.
  • Finding ways to reduce the need to rent expensive office space.   




“The issues are not with technology as much as they are with the logistics of taking a huge workforce that has never worked from home and getting them to work from home in two weeks” — @mitchparkerciso [0:08:13]


“You reserve the hospitals for the sickest of the sick. There are other ways to care for those who don’t need it.” — @mitchparkerciso [0:11:04]


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